​Los Angeles Brain Integration

How long does it take?
For most people, BIT takes about 10 hours, and is spread out over several appointments — we will customize it to your schedule. Some people like to have one-hour appointments over a series of weeks, others like to do several long sessions in a row.

One thing to note: the more issues there are in the client, the longer BIT will take. I have worked on children who have difficulty reading, difficulty with listening, are poorly coordinated, have trouble speaking clearly and are highly anxious — and such a child takes longer — sometimes more like 18-20 hours — than someone who comes to me with fewer issues.

What is the treatment like?
There’s a brief initial assessment (about 30 minutes) to establish benchmarks that we’ll revisit at the end of BIT to measure our progress. I’ll get a sense of how long BIT will take for you and give an estimate of hours needed for treatment. In the case of children, I schedule a phone appointment with the parent to discuss the assessment and hours needed — I don’t like to talk about that in front of the child.

Next I work on you by gently touching acupressure points primarily on your head and abdomen. You’ll also be asked to read, move your eyes in certain ways, march in place, and some other things that are fairly easy to do. Most of the work is done sitting at a table or laying down on a massage table. 

I try to make the process as low pressure and as fun as possible, especially for kids (many of whom have seen multiple specialists trying to “fix” them, and are sick and tired of it!).

BIT isn't at all hard to do! Kids usually play with small toys or listen to audio books as I work on them. Adults relax, rest, or read a book for the parts where I don’t need them to be actively doing something.

Who Invented BIT?
Crossinology BIT was invented by Susan McCrossin, who I studied with directly to receive my certification. See her website here.

What should I bring to the appointment?
Please arrive well-fed and well-hydrated, and bring water and snacks if you’re receiving long or multiple sessions in one day. Bring a book if you’d like.

If your child is receiving treatment, he/she may play with toys (with no batteries or electricity), read, or listen to audio books during sessions.

Is there anything special I need to do after my BIT appointments?
You should probably plan on taking it easy for the rest of the day. People are often hungry, tired, or extremely relaxed after an appointment. Parents — this is going to be true for your kids too! Don’t have any big plans for after the session, and anticipate that they might be hungry or tired (or cranky, the way kids can be when they’re tired and hungry!).


What is Brain Integration?
Brain Integration Technique (or BIT for short) is an acupressure method which can increase brain functioning & efficiency. 

Who is it for? 
BIT’s especially helpful for kids and adults with labels like:
-Auditory processing issues
-Sensory Processing Issues
-Poor articulation
-Poor Coordination / Dyspraxia
-High Anxiety 
-Extreme Separation Anxiety

However, about one-third of my clients are adults who don’t have any “issue” but just want to maximize how their brain functions. They do BIT because they want to have:
-Improved Memory
-Improved Organization 
-Less Anxiety
-More Confidence 
-Better Access to Innate Creativity
-Better Able to Work Under Pressure 
-Better Coordination
-Able to Deal Better with Fears, Like Public Speaking

Who Are You and How Did You Become a BIT Practitioner?
My name’s Amy Wheeler. I learned about the BIT technique while I was studying Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture, and was immediately intrigued because it combined my interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine with my love of studying how the brain worked and functioned. I decided to try it out and have BIT done on myself and my son.

The results were totally amazing: my memory improved, my reading comprehension got much better, plus I became more coordinated and less anxious! For my son, who was five at the time, I also saw huge gains — the biggest were his coordination improved and his anxiety went from severe to normal. It was amazing!

I was so excited I decided I had to learn how to do the method myself. Several years later, in January 2015, I was certified to do the Crossinology Brain Integration Technique. I've also been certified in the advanced coursework for Brain Physiology and Advanced Brain Integration. 

​​“I have seen tremendous progress in my child after going through BIT therapy.”

“He is more engaged in everything and is far more willing to try/do things.”

“It is because of Amy and Brain Integration that my son was able to go to a public middle school and maintain throughout the day.”

“…he is able to memorize now, and it sticks once he learns it…”

“I feel calmer in some vague but significant way.”

“In school, I’m much better at taking tests, and in fact got straight As (these are science classes!) for the first time in a decade.”

“…his reading level jumped three levels overnight, and then continued to rise steadily for the next months.”

​The most exciting part of being a BIT practitioner is seeing people’s lives transform for the better! These are quotes from my clients and their parents. For more, see the Testimonials tab.​