​Los Angeles Brain Integration

Client Testimonials

An Arcadia Mom on her Teen

We came to Amy when my daughter was 13 (an 8th grader).  She has had an IEP since 3rd grade. Since the beginning we have observed her having memory retention issues, math computational issues, struggling with thought organization and maintaining rhythm while learning music. We took our daughter to see Amy for a total of 12 or 13 hours. After the first 4 hours (2 weeks) of treatment I noticed improvement with her staying on beat while playing her instrument. This was the first change I noticed. After 3 or 4 weeks we noticed her Math scores go up from 80% to 90%. Her ability to understand Math concepts became easier. Almost 6 months after the treatment she entered high school. She has gained much more interest and confidence in handling high school subjects. I’m totally surprised that my daughter is now able to memorize and repeat Spanish words (first second language that she has learned) without much frustration and struggle. I still feel she has a lot to improve in terms of her memory retention/recalling and though organization. Based on what I understand these subtle changes in the brain happen over a period of time (it could be months…). Over the past 7 years I honestly have tried many different treatments/therapies, spending tons of money. I have seen tremendous progress in my child after going through BIT therapy. I would sincerely recommend this treatment for all these precious children who are constantly struggling to cope. Amy is an amazing sincere individual. She is very gentle and she cares. She is very honest and I have trusted her ability to make a difference in my child’s life.

A Culver City Mom on Her Middle Schooler

BIT helps with child's significant anxiety and improves his academic ability

My 12 year old son, whom I adopted when he was 10 days old, has had a pretty rough journey. Lack of impulse control combined with sensory issues made him pretty explosive and we were asked to leave more than one school. We homeschooled for several years while we did a developmental movement program, which helped with some issues. His eye tracking and convergence improved and he was able to learn to read. But he was still plagued by high anxiety, mostly due to his prenatal and adoption trauma, but also exacerbated by his early school experiences. It was excruciatingly painful for him that he could not do what other kids could do academically.  He wanted desperately to go to school to be like normal kids.  
We started Brain Integration with Amy and we saw an immediate reduction in anxiety and an increased ability to focus and work through a challenge. Amy specifically worked with him on the stress with numbers, letters and learning in general. Amy’s skill as a practitioner of BIT is greatly aided by her intuition. My kiddo is a complicated kid with multiple layers of challenges. Amy was able to get the different parts of his brain working together, so that he can learn. It is because of Amy and Brain Integration that my son was able to go to a public middle school and maintain throughout the day. Schoolwork can still be a struggle, but my son is willing to work at it and try, rather than melting down. Now I see him working to figure things out.  Considering where he was, that is pretty fantastic!

A Pasadena Mom on Her 4th Grader
BIT helps with Auditory Processing and Coordination Issues
Since working with Amy, we have noticed that our son's expressive and receptive language challenges have both improved. For example, in conversation, he had always paused before answering a question or taking his turn talking. The length of this pause has decreased, and he seems to be saying “what?” less frequently. He is telling us more about his day and in a more expressive/energetic way and with details. He and I (his mom) “listen” to audio books at night and I ask him “who/what/when/where” questions about what we listen to. He’s greatly improved in this area, answering strings of questions precisely and with far more detail than before.
He is more engaged in everything and is far more willing to try/do things. For example, his swim teacher just pointed out that he no longer says “no” before trying something new (e.g. diving into the pool); he just does it. It has also been HIS IDEA to do art lately (something he hasn’t done much of for a while) and he has been putting a lot of time and focus into it. He doesn’t mind having a “messy” work area (something that always bothered him before). He is also trying more activities which involve coordination (e.g. climbing over a fence because it looked like an interesting thing to do, also throwing and catching various toys). He often seems very surprised and happy about the new things he is able to do.
He has enjoyed reading to himself for quite a while, but this was taken to a whole new level after BIT. He has read 3 Harry Potter books and MANY, MANY others. He is more confident and willing to read out loud to and his reading flows better and has more personality than in the past.
We have started using the BIT spelling method (for memorizing how to spell certain words/remember math facts) and he now suggests words for the list! He is remembering every word we do! Overall, he seems far more capable and confident than in the past!

The Same Parent Wrote the Following About One Year Later:
Our son's expressive and receptive language has continued to improve. As I mentioned before, in conversations he had always paused before answering a question or taking his turn talking… Now he is very engaged in conversation, often initiating it, and the pause is nearly gone!
I also wanted to add that, after finishing BIT, we started doing Scientific Learning's Fast Forward Literacy program. I think it has made a big difference, and it's very complementary to BIT (at least in our son's case). BIT seemed to help him better access his abilities to learn in certain ways, and now he is able to practice those new skills intensely, and build them up, with Fast Forward.
His latest report card was the best he's gotten, he exceeded (5th) grade-level expectations in more than half of the subjects and his teacher had many positive things to say about his progress in the classroom, including that he, "remains focused throughout all aspects of the day, avoiding distractions, paying attention, and completing tasks in a timely manner... His incredible work ethic serves as a model for those around him and contributes greatly to our classroom environment. I have been particularly impressed with his organization and personal responsibility, which will greatly aid him when he has more than one teacher in the future..."
Overall, our son seems far more capable and confident than in the past and he continues to grow in all areas. It is very exciting and rewarding to watch. We are so glad we found Amy and highly recommend her.

An Adult Student in Los Angeles

BIT Helps Overcome “Brain Fog” & Improve Ability to Take Tests
I came to Amy for BIT after struggling with side effects from pain management post spine surgery. I had brain fog from medication, and anxiety about certain routine activities such as walking, sitting, and transferring from different positions such as lying down to standing. I also have peripheral neuropathy, which makes some physical tasks difficult for my legs and right foot. Either from the stress of chronic pain, the process of surgery, or a combination of both, I was also struggling with some delays in understanding directions, and reading. Due to my spine condition I was encouraged to pursue a career change that would accommodate my new physical needs, so I decided to go back to school. I had experienced test anxiety while in college ten years ago, but I was experiencing it again, and it was resulting in poor academic performance, despite feeling a mastery of the subject material.  I wanted to see if BIT could help with my physical and emotional-related anxieties that were inhibiting my function level. I also hoped I might resolve some stressors on my system from having surgeries and help me leave “being unwell” behind me... I’ve already noticed some initial changes. I feel as though the BIT helped me feel more confident in my foot placement, especially walking down stairs. This might sound silly, but it saves me a large amount of time (and stress) when I don’t have to be so cautious walking up and down stairs! … I also feel as I’ve gotten much faster at puzzle games since doing BIT. In school, I’m much better at taking tests, and in fact got straight As (these are science classes!) for the first time in a decade. My current classes are going very well. I also feel much more centered and generally less stressed, even in certain situations that used to bother or agitate me. Glad I did it!

A Santa Monica Mom on Her 10th Grader
Overall Improved Organization and Academics
My daughter has always had a hard time starting and following through with school projects and assignments, much less keeping them organized and had a harder time in high school when the work load and number of classes increased. Any organizational system put in place never seemed to stick. Either she would forget to write down assignments or she would complete assignments and forget to turn them in. Her anxiety around school did not help. It seemed the thought of homework and her expectation (and mine) that she would miss something made it even harder to focus on the school assignments and the steps needed to complete them. To her credit she did not avoid school work but seemed to have to try very hard to keep on top of everything, and she found it stressful. After the BIT sessions she has more calmness around school topics, seems more comfortable asking for help from me, and starts reviewing her assignments and folders after school in a slower more methodical way. She now sticks to her organizational systems rather than approaching her work in a scattershot way. She used to skip from subject to subject without completing all of them. She looks at the whole week ahead now and plans accordingly. She has also been telling me about materials she needs when she finds out rather than the night before as was usual. To be completely clear the before and after I'm describing is accurate 75% of the time. She was like the "before" description 75% of the time and now, after BIT, she's like the "after" 75% of the time. This really is a huge difference for us. It's enough for her to see herself as more successful and it's enough to relieve the stress that used to overlay all of her focus and organizational challenges. I'm not in the classroom and teachers in high school are not very observant of individual students, but I suspect her note taking and class work are more organized and complete as well. She's moved from half As and two Cs and a B to one B and the rest As. In addition to the academic changes, she seems to be happier and more content overall.

A Los Angeles Mom on Her 3rd Grader
Improved Reading and Social Skills
We wanted to have BIT done on our 9 year old son because he was having so much trouble in school academically and socially. He couldn’t memorize ANY of the spelling words, was at the very lowest reading level for his grade (and had trouble recognizing the same word he had just read seconds before—it was like a new word each time) yet if he was read to, his reading comprehension was above his grade level. He misunderstood other kids’ social interactions and always felt they were making fun of him even if the other kids were just asking him to play with them, or were curious about the shirt he was wearing. He also would have huge meltdowns at home and even once they were over (they might last 30 minutes), he would be in a terrible mood for the rest of the day—it was like he couldn’t recover and would remain cranky and sad. There were other things too, but these were our biggest concerns. He was a sad boy and life just seemed unnecessarily difficult. It’s been several months since we did BIT and now life is much easier for our boy (and me)! He can finally memorize his spelling words. We have some catch-up to do to get him to grade level, but with that BIT spelling method he can finally learn and remember words! Also, his reading level jumped three levels overnight, and then continued to rise steadily for the next months. He is more confident socially, and this trimester had two “best friends” for the first time in his life. He also gets along with and likes most of his classmates now. At home there are still occasional meltdowns (he is a kid after all) but they are much quicker—usually 5-10 minutes or less—and then he recovers and goes on with his day as if nothing happened. Thank you, the BIT really seems to have helped.

An Adult in Los Angeles
Her Memory and Anxiety Improved
While I always considered myself a pretty typical person, and reasonably intelligent, (I got through school alright and I even went to college and got good grades) I also noticed that it took me A LOT LONGER to memorize things than others, and than I had to read material several times, taking copious notes, to remember it. I felt smart but slower, if that makes any sense. I had to spend way more time studying than my peers. In addition to that, I’ve always been clumsy. And jumpy. If a car alarm went off near me, I would jump and my heart would pound for hours after, plus I’d feel skittish for the rest of the day.
I feel really different now that I finished the BIT and Advanced BIT you did. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly how so I will just list a lot of little examples. My memory is definitely better. I can remember things people tell me way more easily, and what I read sticks with me better (and after only one reading now!). Puzzles are easier to do, and I have “aha moments” way more often in my life about things in general. It’s like it’s easier to see the connections. Physically, my eye-hand coordination has improved. Catching balls is easier and I stumble less (I used to always have at least one bruise on my body from running into something—no longer!). I am less jumpy and overall calmer. If a car alarm goes off near me, it doesn’t affect me like it used to—I might be surprised but then five minutes later it’s like it never happened. I feel calmer in some vague but significant way. It made a big difference in my life in a lot of subtle but significant ways.

A Venice Mom on Her 5th Grader

ADD Transformation
My son suffered from attention deficit disorder and frustration that would lead to violent meltdowns which seemed to last about two hours about 4-5 times a week. The simplest everyday tasks (like brushing teeth and washing hands) were challenges, and school was the most stressful event for him. He would not want to go to school and wouldn't be able to function in class once he was there. I felt as a parent completely powerless and very concerned and definitely exhausted. BIT is a blessing… I saw changes in him. The first was the stress lifted so he seems to get frustrated less and have confidence. Next I realized he was pronouncing his R sound as opposed to it coming out as the W sound. Using the BIT spelling method Amy explained to me, I continue to work with my son in math and spelling. He has done so well, he is able to memorize now, and it sticks once he learns it, which allows him to have confidence in his reading, writing, and perform well on his math tests. His behavior is awesome and loving with a normal frustration level, melt downs are rare and 15 minutes at max. I am so thankful for BIT therapy; it has given balance back to my son’s life.