Learning challenges?

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Los Angeles Brain Integration utilizes a neuroscience based acupressure method
that's gentle and effective.


See profound results for:


  • Dyslexia & language-based
    learning difficulties

  • Auditory & sensory processing

  • Autism Spectrum

  • Coordination & balance

  • Anxiety

  • Attention and concentration

  • Memory & working memory 

  • Speech & articulation 

What’s Treatment Like?

My method combines acupressure and muscle testing. Let’s take reading as an example, as the majority of my clients come to me with some reading challenges. You can’t read well unless your eyes are communicating the right information to the right parts of the brain, right? I use the acupressure in combination with muscle testing to:


  1. Make sure the eyes are working effectively to bring in visual data, and…

  2. Make sure the eyes are communicating that data to the various parts of the brain in charge of reading, in the right order and timing.


I’m able to trace the neural pathways from eye to brain, and then within the brain, to see where any issues are. Then I use acupressure points to open up the flow of information precisely where needed.

The treatment is gentle and easy. Most of the treatment is done laying down on a massage table or sitting at a table. 

Committed To Respecting The Child

One thing I’m deeply committed to is treating each child with RESPECT. I’m committed to making each child feel okay just as they are. While I want to help each person who comes to me as much as I can, I never think of them as having something “wrong” with them. I think in terms of wanting to make their life easier and helping them find ways to blossom. What does that mean?

  • I will never talk to your child like they need to be “fixed”.

  • I will be positive and upbeat with them, but not in a way that talks down to them. 

  • I won’t talk over your kid’s head about them — we'll arrange a phone call to talk. So many kids with challenges feel like they are “problems” or there’s “something wrong with them”. 

It Impacts All Aspects of A Child’s Life!

What we call “learning difficulties” usually impact lots of other parts of a person’s life, not just how they learn. Whether it’s emotional volatility, having trouble following conversations or directions, not getting jokes, or being scared or anxious, there can be a big effect on general quality of life. It’s not just the ability to learn we want to improve, but how the child moves through and enjoys their life!


Contact Me

I’m happy to talk to you and answer questions! I consider that part of my job so don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or email.

Not in Los Angeles? I also do traveling clinics to certain areas. Currently I’m traveling to the Bay Area every 6-8 weeks or so.

Amy Wheeler, Los Angeles Brain Integration



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