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Los Angeles Brain Integration
& Healing

Neuroplasticity &
Regenerative Healing

Gentle, touch-based method

Uses the acupoints of Classical Chinese Medicine 

Neuroscience-based • for kids & adults




Amy Wheeler

I believe that every one of us is here doing the best we can and we each have unique strengths, talents, and qualities that make us the individual we are. That’s the attitude I bring to working with my clients — yes you’re coming to me because you want to improve something, but let’s do it within the context of remembering  and appreciating your abilities, gifts and whole being.

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& Learning Challenges

One of the methods I specialize in is called the Brain Integration Technique (BIT for short) & was designed specifically to treat learning challenges by addressing them at a neurological level, thus enacting permanent change at the source. I use precise sets of acupoints to access, test, and heal neural pathways, many within the brain’s limbic system. I also look at how the senses are conveying data to the brain. On average, it takes 10-15 hours total to treat a learning challenge (spread out over a series of shorter appointments).

Good for dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, sensory integration issues, and other learning challenges.

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Reiki / General Healing

I've assisted people with all sorts of things: alleviating sore backs and hips, accelerating recovery from illnesses or injury, or simply deep relaxation. In addition to my own healing methods, I’m a certified Independent Reiki Master and have studied Qi Gong healing methods. Treatment can be in-person or remote.


I deeply enjoy working with people on the spectrum. There’s a huge variety in what people want from treatment here so we’ll develop goals specific to you. Typically the best way to proceed is an initial treatment of 8-10 hours, then we transition to a few hours of treatment every 6-8 weeks. There will be growth in between these 6-8 weeks, and you and I will stay in close contact, tracking changes so we can fine-tune for the next treatment.

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