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Amy Wheeler

I believe that every one of us is here doing the best we can and we each have unique strengths, talents, and qualities that make us the individual we are. That’s the attitude I bring to working with my clients — yes you’re coming to me because you want to improve something, but let’s do it within the context of remembering  and appreciating your abilities, gifts and whole being.


I came to healing later in life after being an artist for many years. Truthfully it was becoming a parent that led me to realize that while I loved the creativity of the arts, I wanted to impact people’s lives more directly & to work closely one-on-one with adults and children. And when I was directly participating in positive change, life was more meaningful (and I was happier). And while it may sound a little surprising, I found my years as an artist brought me an ability to look at things with fresh eyes & fresh perspective that’s served me well.


I learned about Brain Integration Technique (BIT) back in 2010 and found from personal experience that it WORKED — both for my son (who was 5 at the time) with anxiety and dyslexia, and for my own PTSD, anxiety and auditory processing. I liked the results and the process of treatment so much I decided to learn the method myself. I studied directly with Susan McCrossin, one of the technique's inventors. In addition I took the advanced coursework — Brain Physiology and Advanced BIT — which enables me to develop detailed, customized treatments specific to my clients’ needs.


What does a BIT session look like? I gently touch a series of precise acupoints on the meridians and use muscle testing to check if there’s flow or not. Each set of points I input is very specific — so, for example, there’s a certain series of points for checking how regions of the amygdala are functioning, and another set of points for Broca's Area. If the muscle testing tells me there isn’t  flow, I do what I call a “balance” on it until your body restores the flow to that specific area.


After ten years of focusing primarily on the Brain Integration Technique, I've added in complementary healing methods in the form of Independent Reiki (I’m a Certified Independent Reiki Master trained by Timothy Chambers who's based in NYC) and Qi Gong Healing. And, struck by the need for deeper bodily & sensory integration particularly in my autistic clients, I’ve developed my own treatments based on research and my practical experience with clients. This is what I call the Kin Qi Method, and it’s shown itself to be particularly good for helping people be more present in their body & surroundings.


Finally, throughout every session, I bring my own intuition and deep listening to make sure I’m sensing precisely what each individual needs.



Learning Challenges, Autism, & Sensory/Auditory Processing

  • $150 per 55 minute session when in blocks of 8 or more hours

  • each appointment includes a separate post-treatment 15 minute phone consultation to discuss the appointment & answer questions

  • please schedule quiet calm time post-treatment for your child — while the treatment is simple, the body is doing a lot of internal work and after treatment kids are sometimes tired or hungry. Please avoid things like gymnastics classes or socially intense events for the rest of the day!


PTSD & Anxiety Treatment

  • $200 per 55 minute session

  • appointments include a separate 15 minute phone consultation to discuss the appointment & to answer questions

  • please schedule quiet downtime for 30-90 minutes post-treatment to integrate -- these are great appointments to schedule in-home because after the appointment you can rest & relax with no driving!


General Healing / Reiki Sessions

  • $200 per 55 minute session

  • online or in-person

  • I recommend starting with 3 sessions & then we’ll reassess if more are needed (a certain amount of momentum is usually needed to see lasting change)

  • appointments include a separate 15 minute phone consultation to discuss the appointment & to answer questions

  • please schedule quiet downtime for 30-90 minutes post-treatment to integrate


Consultations over Zoom/Phone

  • $150 per 55 minute session



  • $100 for 30 minutes over phone or Zoom



  • local commuting $50/hr

  • If you live outside of Los Angeles, I am open to traveling to you. In addition to the applicable hourly rates you would pay for the cost of my travel and accommodations.

> I accept cash, check, Venmo or PayPal

> Payment is due prior to treatment

NOTE: In order to serve a wide variety of people, I take a certain number of clients at a discounted rate. I charge the higher rates to those who can afford it with the idea that I pass on a discount to those who would otherwise be unable to receive treatment. Please contact me for consideration.

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