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My Services


The Brain Integration Technique (or BIT) was designed specifically to treat learning challenges by addressing them at a neurological level, thus providing permanent change. In 2012-2013 I was trained personally by one of the creators of the method, Susan McCrossin, and then certified after taking the advanced coursework in brain physiology and completing numerous case studies. During treatment, I'll be looking carefully at how your brain is processing information, as well as how your senses are communicating with your brain.

I’m deeply committed to treating each child with respect. What does that mean? I will never talk to your child like they need to be “fixed”. I will be positive and upbeat with them, but not in a way that talks down to them. I won’t talk over your kid’s head about them — we'll arrange a phone call to talk about their appointment separately.


I've helped people with all sorts of things: accelerating healing time for broken bones, helping alleviate sore backs and hips, aiding in the recovery or remission from illnesses, or simply deep relaxation (many people say after treatment they feel relaxed and peaceful, like after a good massage). Sessions can be in-person or remote.

I usually recommend starting with three sessions as there’s a certain amount of momentum needed to see benefits.

Build in time after our session to relax and integrate for 30+ minutes — this is a great treatment for a house call!

I’m a certified Independent Reiki Master and have studied Qi Gong healing, Quantum Touch and Yin Energy Healing as well.


Autism is a spectrum & that's reflected in my treatment. We’ll first define goals specific to you, which may include sensory and/or auditory integration, dyspraxia/apraxia, focus or anxiety/PTSD, or areas of growth specific to you. For autism, the best way to proceed is typically an initial treatment of 8-10 hours, then we’ll transition to a few hours of treatment every 6-8 weeks. There will be growth in these 6-8 week interims, and you and I will stay in close contact, tracking changes so we can fine-tune for the next treatment. We’ll use both the Brain Integration Technique and the Kin Qi Method. And for gifted folks, you’ll have the option of a four-step process which connects you more strongly to your gifts and helps them land them better into your body.

When I work with someone with autism, we’ll have best results if there is a network of support. Autism is complex & my method alone will not be all that’s needed. Many of the people I’ve worked with are getting/have gotten other therapies, such as OT, PT, ST, Spelling to Communicate, listening therapy, detoxing, nutrition and other modalities.


Rewire your nervous system and change its habits. Using the Brain Integration Technique, I'll be accessing neural pathways especially in your limbic system via precise series of acupoints and using muscle testing to see which are functional, then treating those that aren't.

One note — when I work with someone with PTSD, we will have the best results if there is a network of support. Many of the people I’ve worked with are also using a talk therapist (one versed in trauma work), sometimes a nutritionist. Once the trauma is resolved it’s ideal to develop new goals for your new nervous system by working with an excellent life coach (I can recommend a great one who will guide you in developing your own goals authentically & organically).


A four stage process for increasing access to creative or spiritual gifts, landing them into your body and grounding them onto this plane. Treatment can be done in-person or over Zoom.


Treatment is similar to how I treat Learning Challenges  — I'll be accessing neural pathways via precise series of acupoints and using muscle testing to see which are functional, then treating those that aren't. Integration issues can come from too much sensory information coming in, or too little — the point is to get to that “just right” place where just the right amount of data flows in. Sometimes there are related issues here that will need to be addressed by another professional simultaneously — such as nutritional or detoxing issues.

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