Average treatment is 10-12 hours in total. For ASD kids, more hours will be needed. Treatment is spread out over shorter appointments, whatever will work for the child and your schedule — so for example 1.5 hour appointments once or twice a week for several weeks. 


Treatment is permanent, although it’s not uncommon to come back once a year for slight tweaks.


I treat Dyslexia & language-based learning difficulties, Autism Spectrum, Auditory & Sensory processing as well as general developmental delays. Brain Integration can also help with coordination & balance, anxiety, attention & concentration, memory & working memory, and speech & articulation


Although most of my clients are children, I also treat adults. 


I live and work in Los Angeles but also travel to the Oakland area every 6-8 weeks to treat clients there. I am open to doing traveling clinics elsewhere when enough need is present.

About Me

Hi. My name is Amy Wheeler & I founded Los Angeles Brain Integration in 2015.

To integrate means to take things that are separate or not working together and to bring them together into a unified, well-functioning whole. That’s what this method — an acupressure system called “brain integration” — can do!


I first used this method on myself and my son back in 2010 and the results were life-changing for both of us. I decided to train to learn the method myself and studied under Susan McCrossin. In addition I took the advanced coursework — Brain Physiology and Advanced BIT — which enables me to develop detailed, customized treatments specific to my clients’ needs.


It’s my mission to help as many kids as possible reach their fullest potential, whatever that may be.